“Grays Public Relations started its life as a boutique PR agency with some cool clients and an enthusiastic and committed team of young, brave and committed PR’s.  Fast track 16 years later and Grays is at the top of the tree with some SUPER COOL clients, a slightly older team, but still with the same energy, and enthusiasm they share between their offices in Adelaide and Melbourne.”


Cathy McHugh – Director

In Her Words! :

I started the Grays journey in 2001 after an intensive career in media in both Adelaide and Queensland.

I started work in a job so far away from where I am now, that I often wonder how I ended up here!  In my first job, I learnt the basics of office etiquette, managing people and personalities, learning how to work well and fast, and most importantly working out what I liked (organising) and less of what I didn’t like (washing other people’s dishes).

Following a few years of building the foundations of work ethic, experience and management, I found my way into the land of RADIO.

Anyone who has worked in radio, knows anyone, or deals with people within the radio industry, you know one thing …. they are some of the hardest working, most energised, fun and loyal people in business.  The passion and the energy of a team pummeling full force into the lounge-rooms, offices and cars of loyal listeners was the only air that we breathed.

Learning to work with other media outlets, clients, create clever programs and promotions that cut through to our audience, managing on air personalities and media commitments, all offered a strong platform for my next career springboard into television.

Network Ten in Adelaide became home to my shiny new position of Publicity Co-ordinator.  After a few years working in the local market, my drive for growth, learning and opportunity found me in Queensland as Marketing Manager of Network Ten in Brisbane.

That move meant I was in charge of all the PR, Marketing and Promotion in South East Queensland – what an opportunity and ride that was!  Collaborating in a new market with other businesses, leveraging and building sponsorships, creating new programming and keeping abreast of the rapid changes in the world of television and media, all added to the experience, contacts and capabilities of my burgeoning PR career.

Finally in 2001 – after returning home with a young family the business of Grays was born.  Working with inaugural clients such as Foxtel, Vodafone, David Jones and McLeod’s Daughters, the scene was set for a new player to enter into the PR market.

The changes and opportunities in my field over the past 16 years have been enormous.  From the way we talk and communicate to social and digital platforms and the changes within television, radio and print.

This fast paced, changing environment has engineered swift and decisive action, change and learning, for Grays PR to capitalize on opportunity and lead with the newest tools of the trade.

Proudly as we enter our 16th year, we are met with another season of change onwards and upwards.

I’m proud to say that the essence of our business of delivering great PR for clients across Australia has seen us continue to grow, be referred by other clients and continue to welcome new friends and clients through our door. 

And thankfully, I still have another 16 years of PR left in me … AT LEAST!

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